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Many parents particularly in Indonesia have difficulty finding suitable songs for kids, whether in the form of audio or YouTube channel. They must be worried seeing so many songs that are not suitable for kids. Moreover, in this digital era where all information can be gotten easily in a second.

So that’s why Hoala & Koala is here to be the solution for kids’ songs relating to everyday life. One of the songs which are appropriate for pre-school children or toddlers is ‘Listen to What Mommy Said’. Take a listen to the songs that demonstrate a dialog between a mom and a kid, you will be familiar with such a condition. Due to the simplicity of kids’ songs’ rhythm, ‘Listen to What Mommy Said’ uses very simple rhythms and notations. When we listen to it once, the rhythm of this song is stacked with listeners.

Education Through Songs

In ‘Listen to What Mommy Said’ song, we can see or hear that there is a phase where children won’t follow parents’ advice, yet, we have to see how patient Mrs. Nara is to give advice to Hoala. Because the best way to educate our children is not to scold them, but we need to discuss with them and give them attention. Mrs. Nara tries to give example to us that giving advice through singing can be one of the best or most effective methods to educate our children. Despite that, it doesn’t mean our first tries will succeed. Are you interested in this method?

If you want to see the complete list of Hoala & Koala’s songs, you can check this link. Don’t forget to subscribe Hoala & Koala channel for more updated songs! Hoala & Koala will always create songs to make Indonesian songs for kids sustainable! Let’s save Indonesian kids’ songs!